Our Turkish Client Take On KingX Gojek Clone App- High Engagement With Massive Downloads In A Short Time

What is it about V3Cube’s On-Demand Multi-Services KingX App Solution that has these Global Clients drooling? A lot, as V3Cube proves. Bringing the latest featured, scalable, built on new app development technologies. It is everything that any established entrepreneur or a budding startup owner expects. V3Cube helps many of the world’s global clients of every size. Saving them radically on costs and time while delivering high-quality experiences. 

Small enterprises, Fortune 500 firms, and Global 2,000 companies are just a few of the companies in V3Cube’s clientele. Scale and standardization are at the heart when it comes to On-demand App Development. 

Let’s hear from Our Turkish Client, who is the most recent one to join this elite list. And who is all praise about Our flagship product KingX Gojek Clone offering 101+ On-demand Multi-services in a single app.

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The quality and range of the software that was offered astounded our client from Turkey. As she recalled the amazing experience. A Turkish national gives his honest review of working with us. 

Since it was the first time, our client was working, it was natural to feel overwhelmed to begin the KingX App Development. Pleased to support the prosperous business journey by offering our Dynamic, and most popular On-Demand Multi-Services KingX Clone Gojek App.

We were thrilled to launch this Super App for our Turkish Client, as it benefited his business in tremendous ways. Some of the most significant ones were shared including: 

  • Our client received the necessary visibility upon launching on-demand multi-services business.
  • Choosing the Turkish languages and currencies in Gojek Clone App just provided the much-needed boost. 
  • Quickly the app grew its popularity and started minting money
  • The app opened up several sales opportunities
  • The app allowed him to improve through ratings and comments. And the introduction of different payment choices, which greatly increased flexibility.
  • The app witnessed greater consumer engagement which increased day by day, resulting in enormous downloads.

What our Turkish National Client liked the most about our Gojek Clone All in One App. It is the software solution is built on the advanced-tech latest app technologies. And hence doesn’t require paying extra whenever there is a need to scale and expand. The app can take care of it seamlessly. On top of it, it covers 101+ On-demand Services that are rare to get in any other Super App. New Features and Components like On-Demand Medical Services, Service Bids, Online Video Consultation, etc. It helped our client to stand out from the competition in Turkey.

The Turkish national also praised us for appointing the best project manager. Who was a terrific communicator, gregarious, and exceptionally adept at comprehending the requirements of the app. appreciating the quality of our work, our ability to address all questions and issues voiced, and the fact that we were always willing to assist. 

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